What is medarose AI?

Our mission:

We calculate the risk of developing cancers and strokes, and suggest the necessary screen checkup tests based on the result. 

medarose ai
medarose ai

How we do it?

Our Medarose AI is using deep learning method to analysis the answers and reveal the results. In this process genetic and family health history is considered. Till now more than 100 thousand of real samples have been analyzed by our AI and as a result we have improved our accuracy step by step.

Smart Checkup plan

At the end of the test you will be given a plan including all your necessary screening test and checkups based on your health condition. All the test will be arranged by out team.  You can also share the results with us to get your next checkup schedules.



Your assessment will reveal in 3 main category:

  • Cancers
  • Strokes
  • Blood pressure and diabetes. 

Would you like to know about your future health statement? you just need to take our test

test resault